Doubtful: Rumors around iPhone 6 s release on September 11

It was telling that the first speculation about a September keynote for the presentation of the next iPhone to be access. For the month of September seems more than used with views on the past. Now logs MICGadget to Word, who want to have experienced from Foxconn circles, that this is going to iPhone 6s on September 18 in the sale. One needs to be truly a prophet to find a Friday at the end of the month. We do not know how the information but really put together exactly.
Something unfortunately tapped colleagues as at the date of the possible presentation. This puts the blog namely unceremoniously on the 11 September and refers also to suppliers circles, actually not a good contact for such speculation...
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GPS issues with iOS 8.4: four tips to troubleshooting

Apple Silver iPhone 6 Plus showing the home screen with iOS 8.

A new update, a new problem: Users of iOS 8.4 are currently being trapped with GPS problems. The following lists four possible solutions for those affected.
Hard reset
Sometimes the iPhone to just restart helps. However power and Home button must be pressed for a hard reset at the same time. As soon as the Apple logo can be seen, can be released.
Turn location services off and on again
Paragraph 1 should not have helped, try the following. In the settings, it navigates to “Privacy”. From there, you only click on “Location services” and then disabled them. Performs again a hard reset. After the iPhone again is, you can re-enable the location services.
Reset network settings
If that didn’t help, you should reset your network settings...
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Side note: Pink iPhone 6 s, Eminem-interview & 60 fps at YouTube


60 fps at YouTube. In a recent update, Google goes after a long overdue feature for iOS, Android, PlayStation and Apple TV: videos in 60 fps. Especially fans of let it plays on this feature rejoice. Now that more and more games support high refresh rate. On older devices just 1080 p at 60 frames per second however could make juddering. The quality with a click on the three dots can be changed in the upper right corner with a subsequent click on the gear. Examples of videos in 60 fps, you can find here and here.
Pink iPhone 6s. According to a document originating in Asia and quite questionable Apple should offer the next iPhone even with an aluminum back in pink. Actually it had accordingly flirted with rose-gold, but had dodged for production-related reasons...
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iPhone 6s: is clicked, what’s not new

The filters of the gigantic news front is one of our daily bread. Therefore, we were also all aware that no article is needed about this message: the iPhone 6s “Leaks”, which in the evening from alleged industrial sources involved 9to5Mac and published in the course of which and analyzed, lie in the Newswert under the snow warning for Cologne (no kidding) published by the German weather service. But what both messages have in common: scary good click when you correctly formulated the heading. And also the blogs and media that pounce regularly on such news, to get a good position in the Google rankings know exactly.
9to5Mac offers also just enough information for such a report...
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iPhone 6s: test production with force touch display is scheduled

Bloomberg is back once again with some references to industry sources. Citing people who are familiar with the matter, the journal writes that supposedly the test production of the next iPhone will run on. While the design remains unchanged, a function will be the biggest novelty: force touch that can distinguish between a gentle tap and more pressing, is also are used in the iPhone 6 s. Already on the Apple watch and in the this year’s MacBook trackpad allows a series of new gestures.
Apple Inc. has started early production of new iPhone models with a feature called force touch, [...], people with knowledge of the matter said. Its newest iPhone, in the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version as the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices, will have a similar exterior design, [...].
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Tim Cook: China is the reason for gold iPhones


With the launch of the iPhone 5s Apple the color gold has integrated into its product range. In addition to the hitherto usual tints of silver and Spacegray, the Group sells iPhones today golden, Golden iPads, Golden Apple watches and even a golden Mac. The reason for the introduction of the new color is the Chinese clientele, as Tim Cook admitted in an interview published today.
In particular in this Asian country, namely, gold considered color of happiness and prosperity. Therefore, there gold products sell very well. On this basis, so Cook, Apple 2013 decided also to offer products of the same color.
The company considers details including color palettes to suit local tastes, Cook said in interview in the June 17 Chinese-language version of Bloomberg BusinessWeek [...]...
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Apple SIM: data plans now also in Germany


Thanks to a new partnership between Apple and the international mobile service providers GigSky, owner of Apple SIM can now book flexible data plans in 90 different countries. So far, the selection was very limited.
Prerequisites for the use of the Apple SIM is an iPad air 2 or iPad mini 3, each cellular type. Now this may in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the United States in the retail stores purchased.
The partnership enables owners with mobile radio expert GigSky the Apple SIM to book without the map to change – is paid for what is also consumed in 90 different countries “on the go” data tariffs. So far, the fares only on participating provider in the United States and the UK were limited.
Apple SIM it is on Appl...
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Quarterly figures: More sales with Macs than with iPads

MacBook Air 12 Zoll

With the latest quarterly figures from the second financial quarter of Apple, we informed you already at this point. Taking these sales figures, like the colleagues of the verge, once more under the magnifying glass, is that Apple now again generated more sales with sales of Macs, as with the sale of iPads.
5.6 billion vs. 5.4 billion
Actually, the end of the PC era should be heralded with the iPad in 2010. At the beginning of this undertaking by the corresponding sales figures was allocated, but now, the tables have turned somewhat. In the last quarter, Apple posted revenues of $5.6 billion, with sales of iPads, however, 5.4 billion dollars with sales of Macs...
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Future of the iPad: first the split screen, then more users

The iPad is a rosy future. Yet to the WWDC, Apple aims to introduce a split-screen mode for the tablet. In the autumn, the Pro long awaited multi-user system – together with the 12-inch iPad come as Mark Gurman reported.
The split-screen mode for the iPad is already for a long time in the making, was shortly before the start of iOS 8 last year but pulled back. It should be well but as far as with the software go on iOS 9. As you already know provides Apple that can take only a third, half or two-thirds of all iPad apps instead of the full screen and the rest of the stands then for another app available. An app can use both places, so that for example provides two Safari tabs or pages documents side by side. The resizing horizontally across the screen with a two finger gesture.
The below...
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New in iOS 9: keyboard of shortcuts for the iPad


We had mentioned here only once the new shortcuts for iPad-hardware keyboards in the blog on the edge, want the useful shortcuts but never dropped under the table. Especially for iPad users who frequently use the tablet with a hardware keyboard, this change should facilitate significantly the daily work.
urch tipped to command + tab can be changed, for example, as for Mac users currently using the application. It has a program open, an overview of all available shortcuts can be opened by a pressing of the command key. The work processes retrievable with the shortcuts are different from app to app (tap, to enlarge):
Change the apps through cmd + tab
Available commands in Safari
Would be desirable now that Apple allows you to also control a cursor...
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